Prerequisites: All levels are welcome and NO experience needed

Note: over 18 years old

Schedule: EVERY Saturday at 11 a.m.  90 minutes of solid fun.

Price: $10 per class (your 1st one is FREE!)

Come on a journey of exploration and dip your toe in the water with a Flying Pig Drop-in class. You and other newcomers will practice classic improv exercises like Zip Zap Zop and Sound Ball to loosen up your creative cranium and your tangled tongue. Prove without a doubt to your inner critic that you are indeed an artist and genius on every front!  Get back in touch with make-believe and magic. Every “mistake” is celebrated with a big “woo-hoo!”  Come once or come every week. 

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Prerequisites: All levels are welcome and NO experience needed

Note: 12 people per class / over 18 years old

Schedule: The next class is GREEN and begins Sun, AUGUST 7th.  4 weeks / One class per week / 2.5 hours per class.  (There will be no Short Form Class in July due to the pig’s travel schedule.)

Price: $75

At Flying Pig Improv, we’re going to take the time to learn the fundamentals and find the thrill of being in the moment. We make this easy by offering two different courses (PINK and GREEN) for four weeks each. It doesn’t matter in which order you take them but the pig recommends that you take both of them to strengthen your improv legs.

Short Form games are the stepping stones to more advanced scene-based games. Three-Headed Expert and New Choice are fun ways to learn to listen and react on the spot. Short Form practice will give you confidence and change the way you look at what’s funny. 


Prerequisites: Short Form GREEN and PINK or equivalent experience

Note: 12 people per class / over 18 years old

Schedule: Thursdays, 7-9:30 p.m.  8 weeks / One class per week / 2.5 hours per class  

This will be an ongoing class; students can join at any time and take 8 consecutive classes to complete the course of study.

Price: $149 (student and wisdom discounts available)

Here’s where you’ll take the fundamentals you’ve learned in the Short Form classes and apply them to improvised scene work (a.k.a., unscripted theater). Play with your partners to create characters who know who they are to each other, where they are, and why they are there. What unfolds will be a story that has never been told and can’t be recreated. You’ll be addicted to saying, “Yes, and …” and you can’t imagine what you and your partners will imagine and build together. 


Prerequisites: No experience necessary. However, intermediate and advanced improvisors will find great value as well.

Schedule: Check back for the 2023 dates

Price: $625 + room & board

This introductory 5-day intensive is the perfect way to explore improv. We warm up our brains and bodies with simple and confounding games and scenes to fire up some endorphins, forget about being funny, and enjoy an unbelievably unique experience.

Whether you want to get on stage, dust off your creativity, or you simply want to add some valuable skills to your work or home life, improv will boost your life experiences in unexpected ways.

This class is for adults. There will be free Family-prov playshops offered some afternoons as well so you can do this with your kids, too.

Additionally, experienced improv students can opt in for Long Form scene work most afternoons. Jessie Gray is an experienced improviser and down-to-earth coach who will give you direct and honest feedback to expedite your improv journey.

We will play in Georgia O’Keefe’s high desert of New Mexico at Ghost Ranch near Abiquiu (north of Santa Fe). Enjoy morning classes and then go hiking, horseback riding, and many other activities on the ranch or surrounding area. The weather is mild (with occasional big rains) and the night skies are unbelievable. It is a restorative experience! Click the button below for more info or contact