workshops for improvisers


Prerequisites: All levels are welcome and NO experience needed

Note: This is an activity for adults AND kids together; no drop-offs. “Kids” are 8-17 years old.

Schedule:  Stay tuned for upcoming Family Improv Events

Price: $5 per person / big or small

You want new activities and adventures you can share with the kids in your life. So bring your 8-17 year old kids, grand kids, Littles, nieces/nephews, and assorted cousins to enjoy improv games and laughs together. 

Improv is simply being spontaneous, taking a risk, saying the next thing, and laughing freely. Everyone gets to be imperfect and have lots of fun! Give them an experience they won’t forget.

All-City Improv JAM

  • pleeeze register in advance
  • improvisers (plus one)
  • we call out the games; you jump in
  • have a bunch of fun (we mean it!)
  • only $5 per person
This popular event is back by demand. An evening of familiar games co-hosted by Jessie Gray from Flying Pig Improv and Dan Gray of Say What?! Improv. 
This is not a public-invited event but you can bring a plus one if you like. (You know our space there is limited and it won’t be fancy, but oh, what fun!)
$5 per person. The pig will provide light refreshments. 
Please register below.