Jessie Gray


Jessie’s passion for the spontaneous and unscripted world of improv began during intensive study in California (where she lived for almost 30 years), she began to perform, and then to teach classes, and then to direct and coach improv troupes weekly. She was a regular performing troupe member of Awkward Face at Pan Theater in Oakland, CA, and Flash Mob Musical Improv in San Francisco. She also teaches an annual workshop at Ghost Ranch in New Mexico as part of the summer Creative Arts Festival as well as other improv workshops around the country by request.

A theater alum from Wichita State University, she learned from the best of ICT: Dr. Richard Welsbacher, Joyce Cavarozzi, Mary Jane Teall, Audrey Needles, and Gina Austin among others. She also was a student of improv notables which include David Alger, Jimmy Carrane, David Razowsky, Rachael Hamilton, Tracy Burns, Mick Laugs, and Los Angeles-based Meisner coach, Matt Chait. And now she has brought her vast experience and deep knowledge back to her hometown of Wichita, Kansas, where she has built an improv home at Flying Pig Improv.

In addition to improv, Jessie has more than 40 years of stage experience from coast-to-coast as an actor, director, producer and choreographer. Her most recent big day-job was as the Executive Producer and Creative Director of Corporate Events for a Fortune 100 company.

At Flying Pig Improv, we create a safe and fun environment where folks can take risks, explore their own genius, and literally celebrate “mistakes” as we make them. Every game, every scene is an opportunity for gold. And each person in the room makes a huge impact on the experience. Hey, that sounds just like life!