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Leann M, Wichita – Leann takes us on her improv journey with a video blog. Hear what she has to say about the first steps.

Kathy GC, Wichita – “A delightful opportunity to get out of your head, bust through your comfort-zones, engage in joyous play without judgement, …”

Teri M, Wichita – “You don’t have to be an actor or aspiring actor to truly benefit from these awesome classes! First, it’s just plain fun. Also, it’s great exercise for the brain and body …”

Garret M, Wichita – “Jessie creates a fun environment and does a fantastic job teaching improv but also demonstrates how it applies to the real world …”

Nan H, Wichita – “People that are talented, experiences that make me a happier person, and a talented Educator!! Do it people!”

Brian B, Wichita – “Jessie is a wonderful coach and teacher. She makes the sessions fun and thought provoking …”

Jami S., Manhattan, New York
Loved my improv 201 class here with Jessie! … She was an excellent facilitator and coach who gave specific, constructive feedback.”

Ed R., Oakland, California
I was blown away by classes taught by Jessie. She’s got a keen eye for drama, and the comedy that’s borne out of it.”

Robin D., Oakland, California
Jessie creates a warm, inviting atmosphere to beginners … I spent most of the time laughing and finding out that I can actually get out of my head and be in the moment.”

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