For Pros


Pssst, YOU. Seasoned improviser. You’re looking to stay sharp, have fun and play with other experienced players, right? Assuming you’ve taken the FPI Short-Form classes or you have gathered improv learning elsewhere, here’s the skinny:

TROUPES: This pig dreams of having multiple performance troupes at FPI. And while each troupe will have their own distinct personalities, we will all aspire to bring real, evocative, in-the-moment improv to the stage.

  • FPI is looking for improvisers of all levels and that includes semi- and professional-level players who know that short and long form improv go hand-in-hand. We strive to do both at their highest levels.

  • We play at the top of our character’s intelligence; we make our partners look like geniuses, poets, and artists; we understand what slow improv is and we like it as much as (maybe even more than) the fast stuff.

  • We are impeccable with our words and use our characters, relationships, objectives, and environment, to do the rest.

  • We know what it means to be courageous and vulnerable at the same time.

  • We understand the commitment it takes to join a troupe and to be there for your fellow players. And we’ll work at performance level in practices and enthusiastically take to the stage for shows.

  • We believe in the importance of fundamental skills and will continue to strengthen them at every practice.

If this sounds like the kind of experienced improviser you are (or truly want to be), say “yes, and” AUDITION for our performance troupe. Auditions will take place in the Spring, Summer, and Fall. Bookmark this page and keep your eyes on Facebook for updates.

Monthly troupe dues are $40. This covers 2.5 hours per week for coached Troupe Practice on Tuesday nights and at least one opportunity per month to perform on Friday or Saturday nights.


This Jam is just for us improvisers. We’ll call out games, you jump up and fill the spots and play with people you may or may not know. Since we’re limiting the number of people, this isn’t a public show; we will be our own audience.

Coming again in December at Flying Pig Improv studio

Improvisers stand by for more info soon!



Prerequisites: Some improv experience is helpful.

Note: 15 people per class / over 18 years old

Schedule: 3 weekly Boot Camp Sessions / 2 hours per class 

Price: $50 for all three Boot Camps or $20 each

Sharpen your skills and get an edge on Troupe auditions in these 3- week intensive improv workouts. You’ll have fun playing popular Short Form games and then shift right into Long Form scene work. Lots of drills and reps. Even if you don’t plan to audition, this Boot Camp is a great way to check your strengths (and yes, weaknesses) and get your improv muscles ready for anything.