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Musical Improv Workshop

June 23-25, 2023
Flying Pig Improv, Wichita, KS

As if improv isn’t challenging enough, let’s add rhythm, melodies, and song structure! Musical improv is the ultimate high wire act that is thrilling but not necessarily scary. Our guest coaches will guide you through the basics of moving from scenes to songs, creating choruses and verses, and taking the pressure off of rhyming.

The whirlwind weekend will begin with an improvised musical on Friday night from our guests from the San Francisco Bay Area and Chicago.

Then three workshop sessions on Saturday and Sunday and it culminates in your own show on Sunday afternoon.

We are also offering a special workshop for musicians who might like to get in on the improv excitement as Music Directors.

It’s necessary to have some (even a little) improv experience. It is NOT necessary to be a great singer or to have musical experience. Really.

Only 15 spots available; register early to secure yours!

The Basic Schedule

Friday, 6/23 8:00p
Musical Improv SHOW featuring our instructors

Saturday, 6/24 10:00a-1:00p
Intro to Musical Improv

Saturday, 6/24 2:00-5:00p
Improvising Chorus and Verse

Saturday, 6/24 2:00-5:00p
Improvisational Music Direction**

Sunday, 6/25 9:00a-Noon
Add Pizzazz With Blues, Opera, & Jazz!

Sunday, 6/25 9:00a-Noon
Improvisational Music Direction**

Sunday, 6/25 1:00-4:30p
show prep & Musical Improv SHOWCASE*

The Basic Cost

Full Package – $350 includes:

  • Show ticket for Friday night (instructor’s show)
  • All three workshops
  • Show prep and performance*
Ala Carte Packages – $100 per workshop includes:
  • One, two or three workshops (as room permits. Priority assignments will go to folks signing up for all workshops.)
  • Lunch on Sat & Sun

* To perform in the Sunday Showcase, students need to take at least the Saturday afternoon AND Sunday morning workshops.

See below to register for ala carte workshops.

** For those with keyboard chops, The Musical Direction workshops for you are FREE. Contact Jessie for more info and to sign up.

Our Schedule

Saturday, 6/24 10:00a-1:00p
Intro to Musical Improv – Kate Ahern


This improviser sang jazz all day,
This improviser sang (blues, hip-hop, and) reggae, 
This improviser sang rock and roll!

This improviser sang soul.

Here is the introductory workshop for absolute beginners that will cover physical and vocal warm-ups, basic singing techniques, and a LOT of fun group exercises. You will learn how to listen to each other, build on each other’s ideas, and let go of your inhibitions to create something astounding.


Lunch 1-2p

Sandwiches. Vegetarian options available. If you have special food needs, please contact Jessie Gray at 316.833.1889.


Saturday, 6/24 2:00-5:00p
Improvising Chorus and Verse – Camila Frausto


You can WOW any crowd by easily building a playful or moving song when you learn simple fundamentals of improvising chorus and verse for solos, duets, or group songs.

This class is for all levels of experience whether you love to sing in the shower or you want to be a rock star with a full ensemble behind you. This class helps build your foundation.


Saturday, 6/24 2:00-5:00p

Improvisational Music Direction** – Neil Pomerleau


You’ve got keyboard chops and we want you to be part of this high wire act! This workshop will include a basic intro to musical improvisation and take you all the way through genres and styles, effective warm-ups, and tips on adding depth to the practices with improvisers. This will be held simultaneously to the Chorus and Verse workshop in a nearby location.


Sunday, 6/25 9:00a-Noon

Add Pizzazz With Blues, Opera, & Jazz! – Kate & Camila


Get ready to wow an audience with a high energy group opener (jazz hands included), then learn flexibility in the song styles of blues, jazz, and opera.

Opener: Using basic chorus and verse, develop a tight group mind to sing a stunning group song and open your show with energy!

Blues: FEELINGS? Singing the blues is cathartic, soulful, and FUN. We will introduce you to that basic, recognizable structure that will have you singing the blues.

Jazz: Ah, yes, the music of improvisation itself. We will syncopate, scat, and swing!

Opera: Don’t be intimidated. Your coaches will teach you how to harness the drama, passion, and theatricality of this genre. Learn the secret to opera-fying any musical scene!


Sunday, 6/25 9:00a-Noon

Improvisational Music Direction Part 2** – Neil Pomerleau


The learning and practice continues. We hope you can participate in both workshops for Music Directors.


Lunch 12-1:00p

Pizza. Vegetarian options available. If you have special food needs, please contact Jessie Gray at 316.833.1889.


Sunday, 6/25 1:00-4:30p

Show Prep and Showcase

Click HERE to register to perform in the Showcase (ala carte)

1:00-2:30p – Show Prep

Putting together a performance can be a thrilling experience. This part of the day is a masterclass in group facilitation, trust building, and positive reinforcement. You’ll learn how to lean into your strengths and perform an incredible show that will leave your audience on your side. This is a valuable experience that you can take with you anywhere.

2:30-3:00p – your audience arrives

3:00 – 4:30p –Musical Improv Showcase!*

Invite your friends and family to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You will be on stage as a musical improvisor with confidence and chops so sing out and enjoy! Audience tickets will be $5.

* Prerequisite to perform: Take at least Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning workshops.

Our Instructors

Camila Frausto

Hi friends! Camila here, refusing third person for the beefy basic bio. Life’s motto: always be true to your own voice! I’ve been performing improv since 2013, acting since college, and studying dance and music since I could toddle. Pre-pandemic, I traveled the US for three years studying, directing, and/or performing musical improv in the cities of Denver, Nashville, and Chicago, recently teaching with Synergy Theater (Kenn Adams) and at Unscripted Nashville. During the pandemic I formed and led the online community Introverted Improvisers, turning off the zoom cams and improvising in audio for full imaginative immersion. I self-produced, mixed, and underscored 4 improv podcasts (“Audio Art Galleries”) highlighting our variety of improv content from experimental to improvised Shakespeare and poetry. I currently perform with Flash Mob Musical in San Francisco and am finishing up my second Master’s in Professional Creative Writing.
Katherine Ahern

Kate is an experienced improviser with a passion for musical comedy. She has been improvising since 2011, and has studied at some of the most prestigious improv schools in the country. Kate has taken classes at Second City Chicago, Leela in San Francisco, and Pan Theater in Oakland, CA, where she was the musical accompanist for the troupe Liquid Mind, and an improviser in Minor Odyssey. Kate’s love of music has led her to explore the world of improvised opera, and she has performed with the acclaimed group Operavised! She had the opportunity to showcase her musical talents at the West Coast Musical Improv Festival almost every year since its inception, and has sung improvised opera at Un-Scripted Theater in San Francisco accompanied by Laura Hall, the musical director from “Whose Line is it Anyway?”. Visit her at

Karen Sandvoss
Music Director

Karen is currently a musical director and improviser at the Annoyance Theater in Chicago and studies piano under Laura Hall (Whose Line Is It Anyway). She’s performed with The Second City, IO’s MINT (Musical Improv Night), The Un-Scripted Theater Company (San Francisco), and Pan Theater (Oakland). Before moving back to her hometown of Chicago in 2019, Karen facilitated corporate improv gigs throughout the Bay Area and performed with her indie troupe Jurassic Pope (known for their improvised puppet shows). A musician most of her life, Karen has played various instruments with multiple bands from 60’s surf to synth pop. When she’s not in a theater, she’s a property manager and the co-host of the podcast Records & Real Estate.

Neil Pomerleau

Neil is an improviser and musician who performs both on stage and on keyboard for many improvised shows around the San Francisco Bay Area, including Made Up Theatre, Flash Mob Musical, and BATS Improv. In 2020, he also made his musical theatre debut as “Sweaty Eddie” in Sister Act, which was tragically cut short by the obvious. A lifelong musician, Neil currently sings and plays keyboard for various groups and serves as CTO of Techapella, a non-profit that advocates for music and arts programs within Bay Area corporations:

** Musical Directors

You are a rare commodity. We want to give you the opportunity to add musical improv to your repertoire and then pay you for your skills when we want to practice and perform in the future. These workshops will be conducted in a separate nearby location and you will have semi-private instruction from working MDs for a deep dive into this thrilling adventure. There is no cost to you for these special workshops on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning. We hope you will participate in both workshops.

You are welcome to contact Jessie Gray at 316.833.1889 to discuss this in more depth.


Prerequisites: All levels are welcome and NO experience needed

Note: This is an activity for adults AND kids together; no drop-offs. “Kids” are 8-17 years old.

Schedule:  Stay tuned for upcoming Family Improv Events

Price: $5 per person / big or small

You want new activities and adventures you can share with the kids in your life. So bring your 8-17 year old kids, grand kids, Littles, nieces/nephews, and assorted cousins to enjoy improv games and laughs together. 

Improv is simply being spontaneous, taking a risk, saying the next thing, and laughing freely. Everyone gets to be imperfect and have lots of fun! Give them an experience they won’t forget.

All-City Improv JAM

  • pleeeze register in advance
  • improvisers (plus one)
  • we call out the games; you jump in
  • have a bunch of fun (we mean it!)
  • only $5 per person
This popular event is back by demand. An evening of familiar games co-hosted by Jessie Gray from Flying Pig Improv and Dan Gray of Say What?! Improv. 
This is not a public-invited event but you can bring a plus one if you like. (You know our space there is limited and it won’t be fancy, but oh, what fun!)
$5 per person. The pig will provide light refreshments. 
Please register below.