workshops for improvisers


Prerequisites: All levels are welcome and NO experience needed

Note: This is an activity for adults AND kids together; no drop-offs. “Kids” are 8-17 years old.

Schedule:  Saturday, September 17th at 2 p.m.

Price: $5 per person / big or small

You want new activities and adventures you can share with the kids in your life. So bring your 8-17 year old kids, grand kids, Littles, nieces/nephews, and assorted cousins to enjoy improv games and laughs together. 

Improv is simply being spontaneous, taking a risk, saying the next thing, and laughing freely. Everyone gets to be imperfect and have lots of fun! Give them an experience they won’t forget.


Prerequisites: Some improv experience is helpful.

Note: 15 people per class / over 18 years old

Schedule: 3 weekly Boot Camp Sessions / 2 hours per class 

Price: $50 for all three Boot Camps or $20 each

Sharpen your skills and get an edge on Troupe auditions in these 3-week intensive improv workouts. You’ll have fun playing popular Short Form games and then shift right into Long Form scene work. Lots of drills and reps. Even if you don’t plan to audition, this Boot Camp is a great way to check your strengths (and yes, weaknesses) and get your improv muscles ready for anything.