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You’ve been asked to find something unique for the next team meeting or you’re a professional event planner who is always looking for extraordinary speakers and entertainment. Now, you’ve got Improv!

Flying Pig Improv can bring a show to your stage or provide your team with fully interactive presentations, workshops, and breakouts. They will laugh, learn, and remember this one of a kind experience.


All levels are welcome and NO experience needed

  • Ideal for groups of 20-250
  • Customized to suit your team’s needs
  • Depending on the size and venue, mics and sound system may be needed

An Interactive Presentation is a compelling and entertaining way to please a larger audience. Jessie Gray is a knowledgeable and energetic expert in improv tools which can be used in real life. These tools can help your audience be more confident as managers, team members, partners, and well, just people.

Ideal for groups of 20 to 250, Jessie’s presentations can be a keynote, an icebreaker, or the dreaded after-lunch-slot to inject some energy into the agenda. 45-75 minutes is ideal depending on the size of your group. She interacts with the audience, brings small groups on stage to demonstrate games, and even gets the entire audience on their feet to play together. 

Price: 20-100 attendees, $300. 101-250 attendees, $500. Outside the Wichita area, travel and accommodations to be paid by host.

Pictured: Wichita Chamber of Commerce Business Expo Breakfast

Flying Pig Improv

IMPROV WORKSHOPS for Businesses and Non-profits

All levels are welcome and NO experience needed

  • Ideal for groups of 6-20
  • Customized to suit your team’s needs
  • Workshops can be held at your location or at Flying Pig Improv

A one-time HANDS-ON WORKSHOP is great for groups of 6-20 and ideally lasts 90 minutes. Whether your team members are stuck in a rut, they rarely meet in person, or they’ve been through big changes at your company, improv will help them awaken their creative talents and appreciate their co-workers in a new light. Everyone participates in the games and exercises and even your greatest curmudgeon won’t be able to resist the endorphins and laughter!

Jessie Gray’s 20-year career as a manager in a Fortune 100 company also helps her address your business’ specific needs and will focus on areas you find challenging to reach with conventional training.

Price: $15 per person ($200 minimum) + $75 consultation. Contact Jessie for special pricing for non-profits.

Recent workshops: Exploration Place / PEC / Flint Hills Fairies / EMPAC / Invista / Pfizer / Ulrich Art Museum WSU / Wichita Symphony / Hite, Fanning & Honeyman


All levels are welcome and NO experience needed

  • Ideal for groups of 6-20
  • Customized to suit your team’s needs
  • Workshops can be held at your location or at Flying Pig Improv

A WORKSHOP SERIES (60-90 minutes each) for the same team can be booked weekly or monthly (4-6 times) to deepen the experience and lay a solid foundation to help your team navigate change, think on their feet, invite more inclusive brainstorming, and develop presentation skills. They will also experience being in the moment, listening, responding thoughtfully and with only what is necessary, and letting go of judgment. What? That sounds like some kind of holistic retreat. Yes. Improv, when it bleeds into real life, IS holistic and enhances every interaction. AND it’s a barrel of laughs with games and exercises that will keep your team engaged and energized. 

Price: $10 per person per session ($150 minimum) + a one-time $75 consultation.  Contact Jessie for special pricing for non-profits.


Our professional troupe of improvisers will entertain your group with games just like they’ve seen on T.V.! And we’ll select some of your folks to join us on stage for even more fun. We can include references to people at your company, your products, inside jokes, etc., that you provide us in advance. But rest assured, the show will be made up on the spot and provide great entertainment for your guests.

Price: $900. Host will cover any AV or staging requirements as needed. Outside the Wichita area, travel and meals to be paid by host. 


Note: All ages welcome

Gather your friends and family for this unique experience! Birthdays, bridal showers, reunions, and more. Have a little party and let Flying Pig Improv take you on an improv ride. We’ll customize some games to celebrate an individual or occasion and we’ll create an experience that your guests will never forget. You may cater in food and beverages or take advantage of great eateries in Uptown Wichita within walking distance.

Price: $125 up to 10 people / $200 up to 20 people