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Improv is the craft of making up scenes and games as they are happening. We learn skills, we practice them with other people, and we try (and fail and try again) to create fantastical slices of life that will entertain other people. We collaboratively focus on relationships, characters, environment, and action to tell unscripted stories that no one of us could create on our own.


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Seeing an improv show is electrifying, unexpected, and sometimes downright confounding. See Short Form games you’ve seen on TV and then witness raw, unscripted theater in Long Form style. Be the first in town to experience it for yourself!

Meet Jessie

40+ years as an actor, teacher, producer, and more, make Founder Jessie Gray uniquely experienced to bring improv learning to Wichita. She is saturated with a variety of improv philosophies and teachings and has developed teaching techniques and exercises proven to move students from novice to performer quickly while laying a solid foundation of skills for improv and life…